Show Recap: Earth Hour at Broadview Espresso with Anna Atkinson


  • When: Mar. 26, 2011
  • Where: Broadview Espresso, Toronto ON
  • Who with: Anna Atkinson
    Set List

  • Southern Ontario*
  • Laura’s Song – First Time!
  • Tortoise
  • Record Body Count (Rheostatics)
  • Slow Boat to China
  • Dusty Bones*
  • People*
  • The Way It Goes*
  • Stan & Georgie
  • Song Written Upon Getting Cut By the Argos (CFL Sessions)
  • Hot Air Balloons (and Submarines)
  • Raise Your Dead
  • Young Enough*
  • This Will Our Year (The Zombies)
  • * w/Anna Atkinson

I have to admit, we had no idea Saturday’s show was to coincide with Earth Hour until that morning. Anna emailed asking if we should light some candles and play acoustic. Selfishly, my initial thought was “crap! I’ve been itching to try this great new electric guitar I just bought…” In the end, the earthly sentiment prevailed and the first half of the show was played in acoustic intimacy of a candlelit Broadview Espresso.

As usual, Anna Atkinson commanded the crowd with her unique brand of quirky charm and undeniable talent. We’ve tried backing her up before, but she doesn’t need it at all. Laura and I, on the other hand, benefit greatly from her viola and backing vocals, so she joined us for a good chunk of our set.

In the end, the unplugged immediacy of Earth Hour left it’s mark, as we switched back and fourth between full-on electric and microphone free. I was just giddy to be trying my brand new Godin 5th Avenue Kingpin II guitar (sounds great through an amp or acoustic and looks real perrrtty).

This show also gave us the opportunity to test a few of our more recent tunes to an audience of friends before the new album comes out. “Laura’s Song,” for instance, was played live for the first time and went over well even without my waltzing with a small Casio in the background. Of course, no show of ours would be complete without forgetting to play a song we were excited about. In this case it was “She Said,” but we’ll rectify that at The Central this weekend!

Speaking of songs we forgot to play, here’s a live clip from this show of the one we forgot to play last time, “Young Enough.”

Oh, and this was our first show with band t-shirts! More on those to come very soon…

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