New song on a split single with Bay Mud

Paul’s electronic project, Bay Mud, has been releasing new music all year (you should check it out). On one track, he accidentally sampled some old guitar tracks of ours, so we figured it would make sense to write a song to go with it. The result is the split single, Old Dogs, New Tricks, which is out everywhere now.

Dog Is Blue - Old Dogs, New Tricks

New Beside You EP

Our first original music in a while, Beside You is out now  all the usual platforms. 

Thanks for all the support and take care of yourselves.

Dog Is Blue - Beside You Cover



The story goes that Hamilton garage-folk duo Dog Is Blue played their first show by accident. Having gone to see a concert, they ended up as the opening act. That haphazard momentum has led to over a decade of meandering around peddling their whimsical original tunes and ramshackle stage show.

Storytellers filled with existential dread, they are as likely to banter and jeer back and forth as they are to strike a chord. Their slapdash DIY approach has endeared them to dozens of fans (some of whom aren’t even family members). while making an art of missing all the festival deadlines. 

Paul builds gear and noise-makers, imbuing their output with a destructive veneer that only Laura can hold in check. Her fearsome multi-instrumentalism is also a safeguard against ever needing to coordinate rehearsals with a third band member.

Together they ramble around proudly with all the jangly toys of a tickle-trunk and the surefooted bravado of travelling snake-oil salesmen.

No, they don’t need a drummer and you can’t be in the band.

info[at] for any inquiries

Dog Is Blue