Music video for “Dead and Gone”

In anticipation of Dog Is Blue’s upcoming third full-length album, Dead and Gone, this simple video for the title track is a slow burn. 

You’d be surprised by how many takes it took to get this right, not to mention how many times Paul almost set himself on fire.

Dead and Gone comes out on Sept. 28, 2018


Dog Is Blue played their first show by accident. That was 10 years and several home-recorded releases ago.

Married and living in Toronto, they’ve since meandered around peddling their ramshackle garage-folk while making an art of missing all the festival deadlines.

It’s not even clear if they like being a band or intended to go on this long, but rehearsal gives them something to do after dinner—just not too late as they’ve got work in the morning. Their slapdash DIY approach has also garnered random support from unexpected places (most recently Chicago college radio and an Italian music writer) that spurs them on with all the momentum of Bernie during that special weekend.

Paul builds gear and noise-makers—that usually even work—imbuing their output with a destructive veneer that’s only matched by Laura’s powerful vocals. Her fearsome multi-instrumentalism is also a safeguard against ever needing to coordinate rehearsals with a third band member.

No, they don’t need a drummer and you can’t be in the band.

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Dog Is Blue