Tour Update: Paintings, Shows, Rain

Dog Is Blue Cat ArtThe tour is going very well! We’ve played a lot of shows and hung out with some amazing folks. Expect video/audio clips soon!

Also, it’s always fun to see where some of our many dog skull paintings have ended up. The owners of the house where we played/loafted around outside Ottawa last week bought one of the very first paintings a few years ago. It now holds a revered spot in their new home as kitchen art for their cats (not sure if the cats are being scared into eating, or if they just get a kick out of seeing a dog skull…). A couple of wonderful people at that show actually bought the last remaining painting too, so look out for a new batch.

Speaking of animals, we’re currently lazing around Port Greville, Nova Scotia at the home of Construction & Destruction, spending time in the rain amongst the dogs and cats. We’ve been travelling to shows together, which has been very, very helpful. Tonight we’re all at Baba’s in Charlottetown.

Oh, and no big deal or anything, but Tortoise officially comes out tomorrow!

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