Tour Update: Paintings, Shows, Rain

Dog Is Blue Cat ArtThe tour is going very well! We’ve played a lot of shows and hung out with some amazing folks. Expect video/audio clips soon!

Also, it’s always fun to see where some of our many dog skull paintings have ended up. The owners of the house where we played/loafted around outside Ottawa last week bought one of the very first paintings a few years ago. It now holds a revered spot in their new home as kitchen art for their cats (not sure if the cats are being scared into eating, or if they just get a kick out of seeing a dog skull…). A couple of wonderful people at that show actually bought the last remaining painting too, so look out for a new batch.

Speaking of animals, we’re currently lazing around Port Greville, Nova Scotia at the home of Construction & Destruction, spending time in the rain amongst the dogs and cats. We’ve been travelling to shows together, which has been very, very helpful. Tonight we’re all at Baba’s in Charlottetown.

Oh, and no big deal or anything, but Tortoise officially comes out tomorrow!

Painted Dog Is Blue!

Dog Is Blue by Tom YeoWe received this small painting recently as a gift from our good friend Tom. A fervent supporter of the band, he comes to most of our shows in Toronto and is a trusted ear when it comes to new songs or demo recordings. He based this piece on one of our recent intimate sets at our local hangout, Broadview Espresso. you can see Laura’s colourful dress and the weird shape of my old Japanese Saturn electric guitar (he also perfectly captured my current Teen Wolf look).

He’ll probably kill me for posting this, as he mentioned it was a quick sketch done while testing out some new art materials, but we love it so much I couldnt’ resist.

Thanks Tom!*

*We also have an awesome painting in our apartment by Tom of a colourful cat with a massive outstretched tongue. He’s a great artist and I really should build him a website…seriously, Tom, if you’re reading this, let’s get your art online for all to see!

Dog Is Blue Paintings!

Dog Is Blue Paintings!
I’ve been doing these paintings based on the …Makes Ghost Noises album cover for a while now. We sell them at shows and they include download codes for both of our releases. Most are sold, but I’ll be doing more soon (and Laura will be doing a series based on our upcoming album cover).

Here’s the page I just added where you can see the 24 paintings so far.

Check out the video we did a while back for “Raise Your Dead (Reprise)” to see how they’re made (Laura filmed me working on painting #14).