Food Art: Laura’s Drawings On Display

Laura Heaney - Pringles, coloured pencil on paperWe played a really fun show at the Central this weekend that saw me screwing up lyrics and zapping people in the eye with a laser bubble gun, but more on that tomorrow.

In the meantime, Laura’s art has been ramping up more and more lately and her latest series is on display at our favourite hang-out, Broadview Espresso. This time around she’s calling out the majestic standing we’ve given to processed food by meticulously rendering various types of junky snacks in hyper-realistic coloured pencil drawings reminiscent of old dutch still-lives. That’s a mouthful (zing!), so just take a look at the amazing image to the left for a better idea…

Teaming up with Katrina Atkinson, the sister-in-law of our good friend/viola player extraordinaire, Anna Atkinson, the two are having an opening reception at Broadview Espresso in the evening on Thursday, August 11.

In the meantime, check out more of Laura’s amazing work at her site as well as her newly created Facebook page.

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