Dog Is Blue Fan Art by Robb Mirsky!

Dog Is Blue, by Robb Mirsky
Our pal and fellow musician, Robb Mirsky, drew up this awesome band sketch after our show at The Piston last week. It’s not the first bit of “fan art” we’ve received (that honour has to go to contemporary artist Tom Yeo, whose efforts include this awesome fake show poster), but Robb’s irreverent satirical style hits close to home for Dog Is blue, so it’s a definite honour!

I also really love how we’re both lazily glaring at the other through the corner of our eyes, like we might turn on each other at any moment (which really does capture our live shows well…).

iPad Animated Music Video for “People” Is Here!

Holy crap I can’t believe it’s finally finished! After 3 months of painstakingly animating each frame on my iPad 2 using the Animation Creator HD app the video for “People” is ready!

Clocking in at around 1670 frames this quirky video sees a baby picture (of yours truly) that we had hanging comically in our studio take on a life of its own.

I can’t express how happy and excited I am to finally unleash this quirky beast on the world!

In retrospect, I guess this is the answer to the age old question of “how do you follow 100 drawings of Batman?”

Art: Dog Is Blue Play Massey Hall?

Dog Is Blue and Anna Atkinson at Massey Hall by Tom YeoYou heard it here first, folks: Dog Is Blue and Anna Atkinson are live at Massey Hall on July 1st (ahem…year to be determined). Sure, we haven’t actually spoken to anyone at Massey Hall about this (or even Anna for that matter), but a band can dream, right?

Our good friend and amazing artist, Tom Yeo, created this poster (along with a ton of other excellent images we’ll be sharing with you eventually) to test out some print methods he’s working with. This one in particular has also been selected as part of a juried show of concert posters at The Robert McLaughlin Gallery in Oshawa. The show opens on Friday, May 4 and you can read all the details here.

You really should see the 15″ x 19″ poster in person though, as my poorly taken photo doesn’t do it justice at all (I love the little ghosts coming out of our instruments!). Needless to say, we’re rooting for Tom to win the jury’s vote—He’s the Andy Warhol to our Velvet Underground!

Besides, with no year on the poster there’s still a chance we can use this at a real show at Massey Hall with Anna Atkinson down the road. How does 2022 sound?

UPDATE: Tom’s poster won second prize in the juried show! Awesome!

Art: Batman Drawings On Display

Batman on the toilet - Paul WatsonRight before we left for our show in Manhattan/San Francisco honeymoon (updates from that trip to come soon) I was invited to hang a handful of the most popular Batman drawings from my previously mentioned 100 Days of Batman blog at Broadview Espresso. The show runs for the month of November and includes 8×10″ prints of 16 drawings, including Batman on the toilet to the left, which was actually a request by kid who hangs out at the shop.

The framed prints are going cheap and I’ve heard from folks back home that they are moving like hotcakes, so go grab a coffee at Broadview Espresso and check them out before they’re gone. In the meantime, the 100 drawing challenge is still going strong—I’m well into the 80s now!

Speaking of art, Laura’s much more impressive portraits are on display at Rouge Concept Gallery in Leslieville right now, so show her some love and stop by. Don’t you want a photorealistic drawing of my face?

Hall & Oates Batman Drawing Will Conquer the Internet

Hall & Oates Batman Drawing by Paul WatsonSure, I’m proud of all the music Laura and I make, and especially of the progress we’ve made as a band this past year, but I’ll be damned if this drawing of Hall & Oates as Batman and Superman isn’t my crowning achievement.

Based on the cover for 1984’s Big Bam Boom album (the one with “Out of Touch”…so good), this is drawing #46 for my 100 Days of Batman collection. It’s also the 5th album cover I’ve parodied (others include Al Green, MC Hammer, Louis Armstrong and Weird Al). You can see all 5 album cover Batmen here.

Check the site often, as I post a new drawing every day but Sunday (crime rests on Sundays).

Art: 100 Days of Batman Drawings

Batman Is watching You - 100 Days of Batman Jealous of all the attention that Laura’s art has been getting her lately, I decided to get off my ass and get back into drawing too. The result is a new tumblr site where I’ll be posting 100 drawings of Batman done on my iPad using various sketching apps and a stylus.

Check it out and enjoy the self-deprecation as I put the caped-crusader through my embarrassing quest to remember how to draw:

(the image to the left is an animated .gif I put together of two of the drawings…)

Food Art: Laura’s Drawings On Display

Laura Heaney - Pringles, coloured pencil on paperWe played a really fun show at the Central this weekend that saw me screwing up lyrics and zapping people in the eye with a laser bubble gun, but more on that tomorrow.

In the meantime, Laura’s art has been ramping up more and more lately and her latest series is on display at our favourite hang-out, Broadview Espresso. This time around she’s calling out the majestic standing we’ve given to processed food by meticulously rendering various types of junky snacks in hyper-realistic coloured pencil drawings reminiscent of old dutch still-lives. That’s a mouthful (zing!), so just take a look at the amazing image to the left for a better idea…

Teaming up with Katrina Atkinson, the sister-in-law of our good friend/viola player extraordinaire, Anna Atkinson, the two are having an opening reception at Broadview Espresso in the evening on Thursday, August 11.

In the meantime, check out more of Laura’s amazing work at her site as well as her newly created Facebook page.

Art: Laura’s Portraits on Display

Laura with Facial Hair #3, mixed media on paper
Still full of the warm and fuzzies from our recent CD release party at the Tranzac, we’re basking in some downtime while working on a few secret projects and getting ready to get back on the road.

Laura’s art, meanwhile, having already graced the cover of Tortoise, is in full swing. Her impressive collection of “Men with Facial Hair” is on display at The Only cafe, an awesome East-Toronto hot-spot until the middle of July. This series has also recently been complemented with 3 amazing colour portraits of a moustachioed-Laura (one of which pictured above, in case you thought that was me).

Check it out online or in person and show some love for one of the best emerging portrait artists around.

Painted Dog Is Blue!

Dog Is Blue by Tom YeoWe received this small painting recently as a gift from our good friend Tom. A fervent supporter of the band, he comes to most of our shows in Toronto and is a trusted ear when it comes to new songs or demo recordings. He based this piece on one of our recent intimate sets at our local hangout, Broadview Espresso. you can see Laura’s colourful dress and the weird shape of my old Japanese Saturn electric guitar (he also perfectly captured my current Teen Wolf look).

He’ll probably kill me for posting this, as he mentioned it was a quick sketch done while testing out some new art materials, but we love it so much I couldnt’ resist.

Thanks Tom!*

*We also have an awesome painting in our apartment by Tom of a colourful cat with a massive outstretched tongue. He’s a great artist and I really should build him a website…seriously, Tom, if you’re reading this, let’s get your art online for all to see!