Hall & Oates Batman Drawing Will Conquer the Internet

Hall & Oates Batman Drawing by Paul WatsonSure, I’m proud of all the music Laura and I make, and especially of the progress we’ve made as a band this past year, but I’ll be damned if this drawing of Hall & Oates as Batman and Superman isn’t my crowning achievement.

Based on the cover for 1984’s Big Bam Boom album (the one with “Out of Touch”…so good), this is drawing #46 for my 100 Days of Batman collection. It’s also the 5th album cover I’ve parodied (others include Al Green, MC Hammer, Louis Armstrong and Weird Al). You can see all 5 album cover Batmen here.

Check the site often, as I post a new drawing every day but Sunday (crime rests on Sundays).

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