Dog Is Blue Fan Art by Robb Mirsky!

Dog Is Blue, by Robb Mirsky
Our pal and fellow musician, Robb Mirsky, drew up this awesome band sketch after our show at The Piston last week. It’s not the first bit of “fan art” we’ve received (that honour has to go to contemporary artist Tom Yeo, whose efforts include this awesome fake show poster), but Robb’s irreverent satirical style hits close to home for Dog Is blue, so it’s a definite honour!

I also really love how we’re both lazily glaring at the other through the corner of our eyes, like we might turn on each other at any moment (which really does capture our live shows well…).

Hall & Oates Batman Drawing Will Conquer the Internet

Hall & Oates Batman Drawing by Paul WatsonSure, I’m proud of all the music Laura and I make, and especially of the progress we’ve made as a band this past year, but I’ll be damned if this drawing of Hall & Oates as Batman and Superman isn’t my crowning achievement.

Based on the cover for 1984’s Big Bam Boom album (the one with “Out of Touch”…so good), this is drawing #46 for my 100 Days of Batman collection. It’s also the 5th album cover I’ve parodied (others include Al Green, MC Hammer, Louis Armstrong and Weird Al). You can see all 5 album cover Batmen here.

Check the site often, as I post a new drawing every day but Sunday (crime rests on Sundays).