Album Update: Fun with Bass

Univox Bass GuitarHere’s a strange admission: None of our previous recordings have featured a bass guitar.

The low-end was always supplied by either a synth (the Realistic MG-1 is a personal favourite) or an electric guitar EQ’d down an octave.

That’s all changing on Tortoise, as a while back I stumbled across a real beauty of a bass guitar. It was a gamble, as the price reflected that it didn’t actually work, but that’s never stopped me before. A wire connecting the pickup windings had disconnected, which made for an easy fix.

The end result is a real nice 1970s Univox quasi-P-Bass copy that plays like a dream (not that I know much about dreamy bass guitars…).

Get yourselves acquainted, as this bad boy provides the bottom thump for half the songs on the new album…

Univox Bass GuitarUnivox Bass GuitarUnivox Bass GuitarUnivox Bass GuitarUnivox Bass Guitar

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