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Acoustic Temptations cover (free download)

I recently found this old acoustic recording of The Temptations’ “Just My Imagination (Running Away with Me)” on an old hard drive. The vocals aren’t perfect, the lyrics aren’t always even right and the guitar could use work, but that

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Replacements cover (free download)

We’ve been working on a cover of The Replacements’ “Can’t Hardly Wait” for years now. Grab it for free from Soundcloud and share with everyone you know. Dig all that fuzz in the second half! Paul also digitally drew that

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Dog Is Blue Fan Art by Robb Mirsky!

Our pal and fellow musician, Robb Mirsky, drew up this awesome band sketch after our show at The Piston last week. It’s not the first bit of “fan art” we’ve received (that honour has to go to contemporary artist Tom

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Concert: Acoustic Mega Set At Broadview Espresso

We haven’t played an acoustic show in a very, very long time. It will be nice to get away from all the toys for a couple sets (not to mention break out our Hall & Oates cover!).

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Live: The Tranzac with The Danger Bees

It’s been a while since we hit played at The Tranzac and even longer since seeing The Danger Bees, so this will be awesome. Also, the drawing for the poster was sketched on my iPad. It originally had stronger colours,

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Art: Dog Is Blue Play Massey Hall?

You heard it here first, folks: Dog Is Blue and Anna Atkinson are live at Massey Hall on July 1st (ahem…year to be determined). Sure, we haven’t actually spoken to anyone at Massey Hall about this (or even Anna for

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Art: Batman Drawings On Display

Right before we left for our show in Manhattan/San Francisco honeymoon (updates from that trip to come soon) I was invited to hang a handful of the most popular Batman drawings from my previously mentioned 100 Days of Batman blog

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Hall & Oates Batman Drawing Will Conquer the Internet

Sure, I’m proud of all the music Laura and I make, and especially of the progress we’ve made as a band this past year, but I’ll be damned if this drawing of Hall & Oates as Batman and Superman isn’t

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Art: 100 Days of Batman Drawings

Jealous of all the attention that Laura’s art has been getting her lately, I decided to get off my ass and get back into drawing too. The result is a new tumblr site where I’ll be posting 100 drawings of

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Food Art: Laura’s Drawings On Display

We played a really fun show at the Central this weekend that saw me screwing up lyrics and zapping people in the eye with a laser bubble gun, but more on that tomorrow. In the meantime, Laura’s art has been

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