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Dog Is Blue Fuzz Pedals

Handmade fuzz pedals built by Paul! Based on a tried and true classic circuit (the Bazz Fuss), each pedal is tweaked to sonically destructive perfection then custom painted with splattery chaos. Featuring a simple 1-knob configuration and built for use

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DIY Effects: EHX Freeze with Effects Loop and Expression Pedal

There aren’t many pedals out there that an astute DIY enthusiast can’t build. However, if there’s one company that keeps pushing the envelope away from the same tired, easy to build overdrives and fuzzes it’s Electro Harmonix. Case in point,

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Dog Is Blue Fuzz Pedals Are Here (Video Demo)

I’ve been teasing this for a while, but the first batch of the limited run of custom Dog Is Blue fuzz pedals is finally ready! The design is basically a more efficiently laid out version of the kickass little Bazz

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DIY Effects: Delay Pedal in a Fossil Watch Tin with Gas Can Amp

I’m a sucker for delay. Some guys can’t get enough fuzz or will pay a gazillion dollars for the ‘perfect’ overdrive, but my weakness is for anything that let’s my guitar get repeated ad nauseam in all manner of zaniness*.

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Dog Is Blue Fuzz Pedals?

Here’s a tease of an idea we’ve been toying with lately—custom Dog Is Blue fuzz pedals! They’ll be really small in size, but big in destructive fuzz sound. The photo to the left shows the initial prototype circuit boards we

DIY Effects: Cookie Tin Paramix Pedal Video Demo

I’ve been building a few crazy pedals lately, so expect a lot of video demos in and around things like our upcoming animated music video for “People”. Case in point, the very versatile and useful Paramix circuit from (designed

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Gadgets: DIY Blinking Band Sign

I cobbled this blinking band sign together a while back (painted using a similar spray-paint method as shown in our video for “Raise Your Dead (Reprise)”), but it’s one of my more precarious DIY efforts so it’s often out of

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DIY Effects: Video Demo of Stutter Tremolo Pedal

It’s been a while since I built a new guitar pedal. Putting together that gallery of all the ones I built in 2011 made me realize that I only finished a half-dozen or so the whole year. I guess that

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2011 DIY: Homemade Effect Pedals of the Year

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DIY Effects: Homemade MKC1 Mini Klon Pedal

With all the hype the Klon Centaur pedal gets I couldn’t help but try my hand at a project based on its likeness. This isn’t really a clone, as (where I get a lot of circuit boards for these

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