Gadgets: DIY Blinking Band Sign

I cobbled this blinking band sign together a while back (painted using a similar spray-paint method as shown in our video for “Raise Your Dead (Reprise)”), but it’s one of my more precarious DIY efforts so it’s often out of commission. I fixed it up again the other night and thought it’s time to finally show it off.

It’s got 2 settings: the first just has the lights on constantly and the second has them blink to the input of Laura’s trusty Korg Polysix. You can see my lovely assistant demonstrating that for you above (we had to do a few takes, as she’s a real ham. At least one version ended with her yelling “Dog Is blue” while fist pumping…in retrospect I definitely should have used that one!).

I want to repaint the name and make the words themselves light up, but it does the job in the meantime!