Music Video: Handcar Slideshow from House of Miracles

It’s been just over a year since we spent a few long, scotch and coffee filled days at the revered House of Miracles (when it was still in London, Ontario) recording Tortoise with Andy Magoffin and special appearances by Anna Atkinson. To commemorate that milestone here’s a little slideshow of all the photos from that session set to the song “Handcar.”

I put it all together using the Avid iPad app while stewing on finishing touches for the animated “People” video that is coming very, very soon (I promise)!

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2 Replies to “Music Video: Handcar Slideshow from House of Miracles”

  1. Thanks for doing this. I love visuals with songs…but getting to actually see how it was done (if only in slide show form) is worth it.

    1. Thanks! I wish we had more photos/video of this session, but I didn’t bring any DV tape for our camcorder (how quickly times change in only a year…DV tape? Ha).

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