New Music: She Said (To the Robot) Demo

Zoom R24 FadersSometimes a song takes a while settle. This particular tune has been around in various forms longer than just about anything on …Makes Ghost Noises, but didn’t make the cut for that album because it just wasn’t ready. I had pretty much written it off as tied too heavily to a specific time and place.

It’s amazing what a slight tweak can do (…or in this case completely ditching the chorus along with a change in tempo).

Suddenly the newly christened “She Said (to the Robot)*” has become a song that we’re not only excited to debut tonight at Rancho Relaxo, but also to have on our soon to be recorded new album.

As for the demo itself, Laura was away, so it’s just me doing my best “reverberated Springsteen.” It was her decision to put it up as is, but I can assure you that she’s got some backing “oohs” in the new arrangement that will make you melt.

Oh, and forgive the huge cough at the end. I was really sick when this was recorded and could barely make it through the take without hacking up a lung. Whiskey was the only thing keeping me going…

She Said (to the Robot) [Demo] by Dog Is Blue

*The title is still up for debate, specifically the “(to the Robot)” part, so if you’ve got any suggestions let’s hear ’em!

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