Show Recap: Bellevue CD Release at the Silver Dollar

Bellevue CD Release Party at the Silver Dollar on Nov. 5, 2010

  • When: Nov. 5, 2010
  • Where: Silver Dollar, Toronto ON
  • Who with: Bellevue, Tight Ship, Leonids
    Set List:

  • Alligator Song
  • Seacaptain
  • Tortoise
  • Southern Ontario
  • Dusty Bones
  • Stan & Georgie
  • Happy Hallowe’en
  • Raise Your Dead

What can you say about a show where the first thing you do is split your pants?

Oh, and I dropped my never-before-gigged, homemade tube amp off the stage right before soundcheck (it still worked, but only propped at the perfect angle).

Great show otherwise! Good turnout to celebrate Bellevue’s excellent new album, What You Want and they rocked the house.

Nothing new or experimental in our set this time. We tried to keep it pretty simple–A pretty even split of stuff off …Makes Ghost Noises and our soon-to-be-recorded follow-up.

I’m going to build a bigger amp for shows like this (and not drop it). It was definitely great having Laura’s kick drum mic’ed.

I’ve always loved the stage lighting at Silver Dollar too. It’s been on our list of places we must play for a while now. check.