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Dog Is Blue Fuzz Pedals Are Here (Video Demo)

I’ve been teasing this for a while, but the first batch of the limited run of custom Dog Is Blue fuzz pedals is finally ready! The design is basically a more efficiently laid out version of the kickass little Bazz

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DIY Effects: Homemade Blackstone Mosfet Overdive Pedal

It’s been a while since I had any time to build a pedal. In fact, I probably shouldn’t have taken the time to build this one…but I couldn’t resist. A friend of mine recently picked up a secondhand Blackstone Mosfet

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Another Homemade Amp: Tiny Happy Giant!

Getting ready for our upcoming tour of eastern Canada has me taking stock of what we need for the trip. My homemade Fender 5F2-A amp isn’t loud enough for most shows, so I’m working on a bigger tube amp (based

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Crazy New Pedal: Fuzz, Echo, Wah, Chorus Woo!

Laura (re: half the band) was away for the last two weeks of January working on her tan. Of course, we all know that when the cat’s away the mouse will…uh…build a ridiculous guitar pedal. In this case, I had

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No Will Power: Another Vintage Saturn Guitar

It’s no secret that I have zero will power when it comes to buying new gear. In fact, some might even say the band exists simply because I had to justify owning so many instruments. Case in point, if you

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‘Tis the Season: Crazy Snowman Pedal

It’s cold and sporadically snowy in Toronto, which means it’s time to throw some wild noise-making device into a festive watch tin for seasonal sonic destruction!* This little bad-boy is my homemade take on the Mid-Fi Electronics Clari(not)—an insane echo/fuzz

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Homemade Amp!

At our show last week I mentioned having dropped my newly homemade amp off the stage. Thankfully the damage was minimal and after a quick fix she’s up and running without issue. Falling 3 feet isn’t really on the same

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