New Music: Gordon Lightfoot Cover for Canada Day!

Happy Canada Day, folks. In honour of the Great White North’s big day, Herohill asked us to be part of an amazing collection of musicians paying tribute to one of the nations most revered songwriters, Gordon Lightfoot.

He’s got a lot of material to choose from, so after a few days of listening to the LPs in our collection we couldn’t resist trying our hand at “High and Dry,” from the Sundown album. The melody in this tune is top notch. I hope we did it justice!

2 Replies to “New Music: Gordon Lightfoot Cover for Canada Day!”

  1. laura i found you guys….. your right the song is a littl obscure….. great job…… just keep playing……… ed/

    1. Hey Ed! Thanks for looking us up. We’ve got a lot of fun covers on the go that we’re hoping to record soon…

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