DIY: Seven Fuzz Pedal

Seven Fuzz Pedal

Fuzz, fuzz, fuzz.

There’s nothing that a DIY pedal enthusiast loves more than fuzz. So many variations on such a simple effect. Hell, you could probably make one with an elastic band, a pipe-cleaner and an old orange. However, in the case of the Andrew Carrell designed Seven, maximum tweakability was the name of the game, hence the namesake number of knobs.

With a few tweaks the Seven fuzz can go from all out swarm of angry bees to farty sputtering robot. It might hog a lot of space on the ol’ pedal board for one effect, but in a studio setting this guy will have a myriad of options to cut through any mix. I just hope I don’t forget what those knobs actually do, as labelling ain’t my thing.

Click the play button for but a cursory glance at some of the various settings this bad boy can crank out (starts with clean tone, ends with some added wah from the crazy alphabet pedal I posted last week).

Seven Fuzz Pedal
Seven Fuzz Pedal
Seven Fuzz Pedal

4 Replies to “DIY: Seven Fuzz Pedal”

  1. Nice job! What methods did you use to keep the tin from cracking? These things look so cool I may have to make one for myself.

    1. Thanks! I’m not sure what you mean by cracking, but in general, the tins are pretty sturdy as long as the stomp pedal is placed towards the outside edge. I love the weird things you can find on cookie tins…

    1. Hi! I do sometimes build custom pedals for a folks when I have time. Cost depends on the effect. I also usually don’t build in tins for other people, as I want them to last, as the tins can only take so much abuse. Feel free to drop me a line at paul (at) for more info.

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