Best of 2010: Favourite Band Moments Pt.2

Dog Is Blue Band Photo By Luther Mallory

Picking up where we left off earlier this week, here are the rest of our favourite moments of the year (in chronological order). Oddly enough, these all take place in the final stretch of 2010…

5. Going Analog

This one may sound like a vague hippie sentiment, but it’s not. Digital is great—we sometimes just like to get away from the computer. Case in point, this year we started demoing on an old cassette 4-track, but then came across a great setup including an 8-track Fostex R8 reel to reel recorder with tons of tape and a huge matching 812 mixer. A bit of crazy glue later and we had an entire reel of new demos, including the live demo of our new song, “Tortoise.” Most of this is probably gibberish to you non-gearheads (like Laura), but I assure you, it’s awesome.

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Dog Has Blues: Studio Space No More

Dog Is Blue Photo by Luther MalloryWell, it was good while it lasted. Sort of.

We had an amazing studio space for all of a month. It was a great place where Laura was able to work on art and the band could practice and record new material (like last week’s demo of our new song, “Southern Ontario”), all outside the confines of our already cramped apartment. I was looking forward to posting pictures of the space and videos of the band at work. It was all sunshine and lollipops. Hell, we had even started jamming on a new seasonal song…

Alas, it wasn’t meant to be.

I’m pretty sure the frazzled landlord just got a better offer (it all boils down to money, doesn’t it?). He broke up with us over text message.

The good news is that he was so flaky that we were never actually able to pay rent, so all that really happened was we wasted time moving in and out and got our hopes up. Now it’s all piled in our apartment*—the living room looks like someone made a fort out of an antique market.

Happy holidays indeed.

* That wonderful Howard Combo Organ we scored a few weeks back is now confined to its case, on end between our front door and the bathroom. Oh, the indignity!