Buy Our Music: Hot Air Balloons EP Now On Bandcamp

Remember last year when we released a collection made up of a new song and some covers of tunes written by friends of ours called Hot Air Balloons EP?

Well, it’s finally available on Bandcamp for those of you who want to buy the individual songs (we still recommend buying the whole shebang from for only $2.22, as it all goes to support the Daily Bread Food Bank).

Want our version of The Burning Hell’s “It Happens In Florida” for your very own? Here it is for only $0.99!

Now Available from Bandcamp

Dog Is Blue #11, 6x6" mixed media on canvasWelcome to 2011, folks. We’ve got some big plans this year (including a new album in the works), but for now just a quick post to let you know that our most of our music is now available via Bandcamp.

Let’s get one thing straight though, Zunior is our store of choice. It’s the most artist-friendly place around with an amazing catalogue and the full Hot Air Balloons EP will remain a Zunior-exclusive.

That said, if you’re not inclined to create a Zunior account (and take advantage of the awesome bi-weekly free samplers), then you can now get …Makes Ghoist Noises and the title track from the Hot Air Balloons EP at Bandcamp as well.

Of course, we’re also on iTunes, emusic and probably torrents if that’s your thing.