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Dog Is Blue - TortoiseTortoise




Sound On The Sound (Seattle)

Snob’s Music: 8/10

Grayowl Point

Sound Vat

Onda Rock (Italy)

The Wounded Jukebox – On “Southern Ontario”

Hot Air Ballons EP Dog Is Blue - Hot Air Balloons EP

“When placed in the hands (and voices) of the playful Toronto duo, Dog is Blue, the mood of the song changes. Kom’s Cohen-esque croon becomes an almost tongue in cheek take on the pains of love that is bound to surface when the studio you share with your band mate is also the the apartment you share with her. You can’t help but picture Paul Watson and Laura Heaney trading smiles as they trade vocals. Synths and drums take the sting out of Kom’s words and replace the mood with a surprising, albeit very enjoyable lightness (when Heaney takes the vocals and sings over Paul’s funky blasts you can’t help but nod along) . They may not share Kom’s take on love, but they certainly respect his music and this tribute to one of Can-indie’s most overlooked talents proves that.” Herohill (on our version of “It Happens in Florida”)

“It is like playing the Flaming Lips with a keyboard in your living room. (15/03/2010)” (translated from Italian by Google)

…Makes Ghost NoisesDog Is Blue - Hot Air Balloons EP

“I’m clearly a little late in getting around to writing about Makes Ghost Noises. After all, Dog Is Blue has already released a follow-up EP, which probably means that he (the band essentially is one-time awesome blogger Paul Watson) has other things he’d rather I wrote about. Nonetheless, I feel as though Watson’s debut full-length at least deserves a mention. I mean, I’ve been listening to it intermittently since last June, so it probably deserves some sort of review.

Of course, the main reason I didn’t write about it before now is that I’m really not sure what to say beyond “It’s good, and you should get it”. Watson specializes in relaxed, unpretentious folk music, which doesn’t exactly lend itself to long, flowing descriptions. As songs like “Alligator Song” and “Young Enough” show, he’s got a nice, crackly voice and a fine ear for acoustic melodies, and there’s really not much to say beyond that. Except, I guess, that it’s good, and you should get it.” i(heart)music

“Ontario residents Dog Is Blue bring us a rather lovely collection of lo-fi folk tunes. Most tracks are built around budget synthesisers, softly strummed guitars and the crackling vocals of singer Paul Watson. Lyrics tend to lean on the poetic side and tread a fine line between meaningful and cheesey, occasionally veering into the latter category (“Wish”). This is often the case with new artists, and Watson would do well to have a little more confidence in his songwriting abilities. Musically Makes Ghost Noises is reminiscent of the kind of compact folk/indie gems found in the Spielberg-hyped film Once; all fragile vocals, female backing, guitars and xylophones.” Soundproof

“…Makes Ghost Noises will stay up late with you. Through the peaks and troughs: rushes of simple exhilaration at nothing in particular, stabs of disheartenment at everything in particular. It won’t fall asleep until you do. And if, by chance, you lay down your tired bones just as the sun is starting to stretch itself awake, smile into your pillow at the intriguing, contradictory end product that is …Makes Ghost Noises – a simultaneous good morning and good night.” Singing Lamb

“His modern take on folk – balancing the traditional subtle, picked riffs with off-kilter instrumental textures from every noise maker he can find – makes for quirky songs that don’t let you settle in complacency. There’s no doubt that Paul is a new artist, working his way up from open mics to releasing his own record in less than a year but with the help of some friends (Laura Heaney on backing vocals) he offers up some powerful tracks (Young Enough) and a surprisingly polished sounding self-released debut.”