Another Homemade Amp: Tiny Happy Giant!

Homemade Tiny Giant AmpGetting ready for our upcoming tour of eastern Canada has me taking stock of what we need for the trip. My homemade Fender 5F2-A amp isn’t loud enough for most shows, so I’m working on a bigger tube amp (based on an Ampeg Jet), but it won’t be ready in time.

Enter the Tiny Giant, an amplifier design from (whose projects I fully endorse). Based around the use of laptop power supply, as there are a gazillion of them floating around without a functioning laptop to give power to, the Tiny Giant bypasses the danger of high-voltage and allows for a very compact, yet powerful amp.

This happy little dude is capable of putting out 20 watts of crystal clear clean volume (depending on the speaker) and cost me about $40 to build (including getting the power supply off eBay). We’ll be taking it on tour as a backup along with a homemade speaker cabinet I made out of an old reel-to-reel box—the pair sounds awesome!

In fact, lately I’ve been playing it through a 1/2-sized Jay Turser I got for $60 (pictured below with the homemade cabinet), so that’s an entire rig that sounds great for only about $100!

Check out the build thread at for more info. I’m going to try to mod mine to include a jack to supply power to a couple pedals for added portability…

Homemade Tiny Giant AmpHomemade Tiny Giant AmpHomemade Tiny Giant AmpHomemade Tiny Giant Amp

Homemade Tiny Giant AmpHomemade Tiny Giant Amp

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One comment on “Another Homemade Amp: Tiny Happy Giant!
  1. louie says:

    I know this is an old post, but would you mind explaining how the tone control is built and connected to the amp? I’m new to pedal / amp building and not quite comfortable modding circuits yet. Thanks

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