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New Music: Original Christmas Song for Charity

[soundcloud url=”″ params=”color=ff6600&auto_play=false&show_artwork=true” width=”100%” height=”166″ iframe=”true” /] Check out our first original holiday song, as part of the latest Zunior Christmas album in support of The Daily Bread Food Bank.

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Live Review: Deanna Danger on our set at The Silver Dollar

We’ve both been pretty busy with artistic endeavors of the 2-D kind lately, but it’s always a shot in the arm to hear that people liked our last show! In this case, Deanna Danger wrote a very flattering review of

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Concert: Acoustic Mega Set At Broadview Espresso

We haven’t played an acoustic show in a very, very long time. It will be nice to get away from all the toys for a couple sets (not to mention break out our Hall & Oates cover!).

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Live: The Tranzac with The Danger Bees

It’s been a while since we hit played at The Tranzac and even longer since seeing The Danger Bees, so this will be awesome. Also, the drawing for the poster was sketched on my iPad. It originally had stronger colours,

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Goodbye, Old Red Rug Studio

After a year of recording and writing at our “Old Red Rug Studio,” named for obvious reasons, we’re closing the doors. It’s been great to have a dedicated space to work on new material and build fun pedals—Laura also had

Dog Is Blue Fuzz Pedals?

Here’s a tease of an idea we’ve been toying with lately—custom Dog Is Blue fuzz pedals! They’ll be really small in size, but big in destructive fuzz sound. The photo to the left shows the initial prototype circuit boards we

Live: The Central with Brodie Dakin and Deaglan Walcarn

We’re at The Central in Toronto on Thursday night! It’s going to be awesome. Expect some new pedals, a few ukulele appearances and a new Replacements cover! We’re on at 8:15pm.

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Animated iPad Music Video Almost Done! So, So Close…

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Animated iPad Music Video Coming Soon!

If you follow us on Twitter or pay attention to our inter-band/marital disputes on Facebook then you might have heard that I’m working on a 1600 frame animated music video for “People” done completely on my iPad 2 using the

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Best of 2011: Our Favourite Albums By Other Bands

I know it’s getting a bit late to do 2011 year end lists, but it was another great year for music, so I wanted to quickly make a note of the albums we enjoyed most. Here they are in no

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